We supply highly specified technically challenging materials to tight specifications and tolerances for a wide variety of ceramic and electroceramic manufacturers. These are developed in conjunction with customers and are often produced in accordance with individual customer requirements.

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- Cobalt Hydroxide
- Cobalt Oxide
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- Nitrates
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- Barium Titanate
- Bismuth Titanate
- Calcium Titanate
- Cobalt Titanate

- Copper Titanate
- Lanthanum Titanate
- Lead Titanate

- Lithium Titanate
- Potassium Titanate
- Strontium Titanate
- Zinc Titanate

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- Aluminium Stannate
- Barium Stannate
- Calcium Stannate
- Strontium Stannate
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- Barium Zirconate
- Bismuth Zirconate
- Calcium Zirconate
- Lead Zirconate
- Lithium Zirconate
- Magnesium Zirconate
- Strontium Zirconate

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